Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has always been an attractive destination for aspirants who wish to study in a foreign land. New Zealand as an international education hub offers a large range of study courses and opportunities in the world’s top-rated universities. The fee structure is also on the lower side as compared to other destinations like Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada is also a prime reason for Indians to choose New Zealand to study. Moreover, the cost of living is also economical in the country compared to its neighbour Australia and other popular choices like Canada and the USA. With the growth of time, New Zealand has become one of the most preferred choices for international students seeking high-quality foreign education and to explore new boundaries that can make them class apart. The education system of New Zealand is based on the British education system and is considered to the best source of talented individuals.

Study in New Zealand is also remains at the top of the chart for international students because of the safe and secure environment of the country. The country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. You will not witness any major war or conflict in their history. It is also one of the prime tourist destinations. Apart from studies, the rich flora & fauna and the rich landscape offer international students a chance to relax during their studies.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Apart from the description stated above, New Zealand has numerous reasons that can convince international students especially Indian aspirants to choose New Zealand as their sole study destination. They are as follows:

1. Internationally recognized universities

The country is home to eight different universities and all are of world class level. All 8 New Zealand Universities have found their place in QS World Rankings of 2018:

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • University of Canterbury
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Waikato
  • Massey University
  • Lincoln University
  • Auckland University of Technology

2. Work while Study

Students in New Zealand are allowed to work while studying to meet their daily expenses and gain experience. With the student visa, you are allowed to work for maximum of 20 hours per week during college study. However, you are allowed to work full time during scheduled holidays. Since the country’s official language is English, getting a part time work is not a big challenge. The part-time opportunities are available in sectors like retail, hospitality, banking, finance, etc.

3. Less stringent entry requirements

The country’s government aims to attract more and more international students to the world of globalization. Hence, it invests a large amount in their higher education sector to improve education infrastructure and quality. It also led to moderate or easy entry requirements to enrol in universities of New Zealand so that international students can easily apply for the courses.

4. Ease of visa acquisition and admission

The country follows a singular, streamlined and point-based visa application process in order to avoid ambiguity. Many universities also provide on campus visa renewal and extension services to international students for a quick, stress-free, and proper application process.

5. Stay and work

This is precisely why study in New Zealand is the more lucrative deal. It is one country which allows you to stay back after completion of the course and look for job opportunities. The extended visa can allow you to stay and settle in the country.

There are ample opportunities in New Zealand. For more information to Study in New Zealand get in touch with NEBO Solutions. Our expert team members will guide you on getting New Zealand study visa and admission to one of the best universities in the country.